Who am i?


Since 1988,i have been working in the electroics repair and manufacturing sectors. Programming and repairing automated and amusement equipment along with all manufacturing machinery repairs. Hnd electronics trained and self taught programmer in various languages.

I also love to problem solve.This often involves late nights programming something a customer requests.

I wanted to offer the UK market a machinery range which gave better choices and better features to make things simpler and more long lasting than others "standard import" offerings.

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My Projects- will be added when i find pictures!

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About Me


I have run a precision woodwork fabrication and finishing business for the last 20 years. Sometimes fun- sometimes not!

Hobbies include automation, arduino projects and when time permits and the weather is favourable a bit of microlight flying to relax.

Recently we did a charity bike ride to lisbon in portugal on tiny honda c90s from yester-year . Less than the 5hp a flymo has! (see picture, yes we didnt have room to pack razors!)


I am a night owl. If you're working late and have a problem i can usually answer your enquiry until around midnight.