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If you have already owned a cnc router there will be things you probably wished you had but your machine control couldnt support it.



UCR201 wireless MPG pendant.

wireless mpg for uccnc controller


A manual pulse generator (MPG) is an invaluable tool for manually setting up your job datums (start point job reference)

These work up to approx. 20 metres from your control pc.

It allows you to select which axis direction you wish to move and by turning the mpg dial wheel move that axis to exact zero point on your job. Press axis zero button to set the system zero.

once all 3 axis have the reference point set to your work you are ready to run the job.

Other functions that can be controlled from the hand held mpg pendant are

cycle start, pause, stop,

feed rate overide from programmed speed.

Spindle speed overide from programmed speed.

Probe tool length command.



High precision tool length probe.

high precision tool setting probe

This is a high precision (0.01mm repeatable) tool length probe.

It is used as a fixed position probe that the tool gets automatically "probed" to.

Once probed the controller calculates the exact tool length and stores it in the control for further use. ( only required when a new tool or tool swap is made)

These are invaluable on a manual change machine. (saves manually re setting job z zero point after every tool swap)

£150. including the probe/set and save length code.


Pre configured PC Package: Suitable to run cad/cam software and control software.

Mini ACEPC windows 10 computer. Pre loaded with your licenced software to plug n play.

22" hdmi monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse pack.