Mercury EASY 2513 (8 by 4ft)

High speed servo drive system

Semi automatic ATC CNC ROUTERS. Automatic spindle. No tool rack.

Specifications include:

2513 size (2500mm by 1300mm bed size) Perfect for 8 by 4 sheets

Retains all the features of the base model but enhanced with ATC spindle for faster tool swapping.

easy cnc router

UPGRADED to 6Kw max rated ATC spindle.

( Just press button on the spindle to release or replace the tool cone)

This machine is great for the budget concious purchaser that only uses a few tools per job but doesn't want to have to remove tools with spanners every time. If you require fully automatic see our Follower Atc model. (see link at bottom of page).


Uses industry standard ER32 collets for 1-24mm tool shank diameters.

Simple press button manual tool change (see ATC models for fully automatic)

8000 to 24000 Rpm rated working spindle speed. (ceramic bearings)


6 individual vacuum zones, neoprene cord fully sealed vacuum bed for easy hold down on nested work. (superb for flat sheet processing)

The vacuum bed is pre tapped m6 for spoil board bolt down.

automatic centalised oiling-system

Pump handle Oiling sytem for simple weekly maintenance.

25mm hiwin rails

Under gantry clearance of 300mm , enough for most tool and work combinations!

Can be supplied with your choice of vaccum pump (depending on power supply available etc.) Advice available !

Can be supplied to run SINGLE PHASE. requires 32 amp supply.

Cool running electronics cabinet built into the machine frame . For minimum workshop space footprint! Just requires a standard network cable to the controller pc.

This machine can be supplied with a choice of controller.


Please note: ATC spindle requires a 100psi minimum constant clean dry compressed air supply.


2513 size ( 8 by 4) £13995 + vat. (full servo driven system. 6kw atc spindle, single or 3 phase)

1530 size (10 by 5) £15995+vat. (9kw spindle, 3 phase power required)


Full pwer regulation guarding with laser or infared proximity detection of work zone entry can be quoted for at extra cost. The machine already has the interface added and will HALT if a person enters the detection area.


back Or maybe FULL ATC? forward


Something complex which was made with this machine. 3D model imported and processed in oak.

The addition of the fast change spindle allows you to program more complex parts and run them from 1 program. Multiple tool paths can be created to make your product perfect.

When the control is commanded to change tool it positions itself with the spindle off at the edge of the machine nearest the operator. The operator only has to press the eject button and release the tool chuck into one hand, then replace with the next tool asked for and carry on.


constant power high frequency spindles:

The 6Kw spindle has enough power to cut mdf at 25mm deep in 1 pass at 8m/minute using a sharp 2 wing cutter.

Spindle speed can be lowered to 6000 rpm for drilling without burning the materials.


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