Mercury Controller

Years of research and development provided our controller choice!

Fully featured, Upgradable.



We chose the UCCNC ethernet controller after 5 years of testing and expanding its feature list.

It is a pc based control graphical interface connected to a very fast hardware controller which co-ordinates the motion signals properly. Connection of the pc to the machine hardware is by a single ethernet cable.

UCCNC software we supply with a lifetime licence which can be installed on any pc you own- so you will always have a backup "controller" easily available. It runs on the windows platform and is happy on anything from old 32 bit windows xp to 64 bit windows 10. ( not tested on 11 yet). PC must support open gl 2 graphics or above.


Chosen for

nicely laid out graphical interface

Rock solid performance (not crashed in over 5 years daily use)

Fully upgradeable.

Supports everything you could need for a cnc router. (plus plenty of other features!)


Automatic tool changing,

Automatic tool length probing,

Multiple park positions.

Fully 3d capable ( longest job we have run to date is 96 hours)


Wireless mpg for setting up your job datums at the machine with ease. This has a full on screen display of axis positions etc. (wireless mpg is an option that can be ordered with your machine or added later)


Full on screen view of toolpath in many views. includes dimensions on screen etc to check your code output before pressing the start button!

Scaling, rotation,optional stop, repeat.

One great advantage is that you can have your cad/cam program (eg. vectric vcarve pro) on the same pc. This way you can make any tool path changes at the machine and run the newly calculated toolpaths within just a few seconds.

No running back to your office pc with a usb stick!

Truly the fastest cad ( computer aided design software) to start button solution over any control we have tested.

See how easy it is click the following link to you tube. VCARVE TO UCCNC CODE LOADING

Full compliment of G and M codes supported.






UCCNC is very customisable too. We have written many different interfaces and add ons for it including the " sorted tool change routines" included that run the atc on our machine range.

This allows any tool number (96 tools supported) to be used. from your cam program tool database in any position in the tool changer.

This is automatically sorted and stored in the controller. No need to put your tools like the chinese controls- tool 1 in pocket 1 etc.


(Tool numbers top right)


With UCCNC put tool 75 in pocket 3 if you like- just pick any tool rack position, clip your iso30 tool chuck into it and type the correct tool number into the tool position on screen. Press the probe button-thats it!

Couldn't be easier!

As you can see in the picture below which shows the easy tool change popup information (for simple setup and manual tool changer operation)

GREEN boxes show a tool position with what tool number is stored in it. Press any of these buttons to change to that tool.

The box highlighted RED shows which tool is active in the spindle at the moment.

There is also an "empty spindle button" to just empty the tool back into the tool rack.

The BLUE button starts a spindle warm up routine, that warms the spindle up before running the machine hard at the start of the day. This improves spindle bearing life.


Broken a tool mid job? no problem just eject and swap the tool, Then press the probe button and the new tool length is measured and stored into the control. You can then carry on and finish your job seamlessly. Your job datum does not need to be re set up.

Everything will be fully explained with your training!