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General questions
A cnc router should be condidered a high speed cutting device using a rotary tool.

common materials it easily processes could be but not limited to any non ferrous material ( ie not steels)

Mdf, plywood, veneered sheets, acrylic, other plastics,real solid hard woods, soft woods like pine,etc. Just ask if you need to cut something not listed and we can offer our best advice for the right machine or process for your material.

In the UK our supply is 230v single phase or 415 v 3 phase. Most of our machines can be configured to use either. However the vacuum pumps that use the most power of the system may only use 3 phase supplies depending on the flow required. This is something that we can advise on depending on materials being cut etc. We do stock single phase options too.
This really depends and is "as long as a piece of string question". If you understand the basics of working with the material you will have a good understanding of how to process it already. The loading and running of the machine is covered in your free training. Further training and an extra free year of support is given to help you through any problems you may encounter. We have years of fabricating a diverse range of materials to give advice to help you along.
A few more
Yes. As above we show you all the basics of using the machine on site . A full day training is available at our workshops if you require more than the basic help. We can also point you to our video series of how to which wll be released shortly. Support is where we can go above and beyond what others offer!
A vacuum bed holds your work down by air pressure. By removing pressure from the underside of the sheets by vacuum allows 1 atmosphere of air pressure to push your work tight to the vaccum bed. Thats 14.5 psi (pounds per square inch) of holding down pressure pushing your work onto the spoil board. ( a board which allows vacuum to flow through). This is normally a sheet of mdf which is naturally porous and relatively cheap. It also allows you to "over cut" your parts to give the cleanest edge finish (without using clamps that may get in the way).
Your machine will be supplied with everything required to make your first cuts. You will get a few sample tools etc to get you going. Further tooling etc can be purchased from us to get you cutting your "real products" . Advice on any extras you may need is just an enquiry away.
Your ideal space will be big enough to walk fully around the machine for maintenance purposes.The floor surface should be relatively flat and strong enough to support the machine weight firmly. You will require the correct power and current from the electricity supply for the machine to plug into. If your machine has ATC spindle option you will also need a constant supply of DRIED compressed air with a minimum output of 100 psi.

Delivery price depends on location. You are welcome to collect your machine from us near Cardiff .

Standard delivery would be by curtain sided truck so you would require a forklift at your end to remove the machine from the lorry. We can quote you for this if required.

If this is not an option for you we can quote for a hiab delivery (mobile crane offload) please enquire.

This question is best answered with a quick chat (no pressure sales so dont worry!)

For an expensive purchase which you really want to get right the first time? we can advise by phone. 10 am to 7 pm daily.

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Ask and we will answer
Ask and we will answer.