The most efficient way of sheet work holding on a cnc router

Reconditioned VACUUM PUMPS for CNC ROUTERS here


We always have a good selection of reconditioned vacuum pump available.

Stocked items usually from the best names in the business.


A bit of history. Becker: Established in 1871. They manufactured the fuel turbo pumps for the V2 bomb

All our used pumps are fully flow checked and vacuum pressure checked for immediate work.

A few of our stock items are shown below.



Genuine Becker vacuum pump

Genuine Becker Dry running ROTARY VANE vacuum pump 4.25 model. Single phase 230v. 25CuM/hr flow and -0.8 Bar. (800Mbar) Checked as new inside, has done very little work! This pump is perfect for add on chucks , vacuum pods or vacuum bag work. (laminating or forming and resin suction) £625.

Also in stock, very similar to above but Becker 4.40 model (40CuM/hr) single phase 230v £825.


Becker vtlf 5.5kw vacuum pumps. used becker vtlf225 used

5.5kw 410v 3 phase. Genuine Becker vtlf £3600 each. plus vat (new around £9k each)

Also in stock becker vtlf 225 with missing hot end curved cover otherwise perfect. (doesnt affect usage) £3300 plus vat

These are as new with extremely low run time. Fully checked. no vane wear.

Becker pumps are the "best you can get"

We also have stock of the older vlf 225/250 models from £2100 each fully serviced and tested- ready for work.

Becker vtlf are high flow rate, high vacuum pumps. (over double the vacuum pressure capability of blower type pumps at -700 mb+)

The vtlf range is the same pump with different motors running at higher speeds. eg vtlf225 is 5.5kw 6 pole motor running at a leisurely 960rpm. vtlf 250 runs 7.5kw 4 pole at 1400 rpm. ON the vtlf 350 the huge 11kw motor runs 2 pole at 3000 rpm. faster spin=faster wear, higher electric demand but faster air flow.


Our smaller vacuum pumps can be used for lots of other things in your workshop.

De gassing of resin (removing bubbles after mixing)

Vacuum forming of plastics and laminates.

Resin forming of fibreglass, kevlar and carbon fibre.

Strong clampless work holding , used to power vacuum chucks etc.

Vacuum bag laminating and pressing work. ( perfect for forming curved kitchen doors etc)


All pre used equipment has a 30 day return to base warranty.