Mercury FOLLOWER ATC 2513 (8 by 4ft)

3015 Size now available too ! (10 by 5ft )

High speed, High accuracy AC servo drive system

Probably the best price for a full atc cnc router in the UK

From £16995 +vat

Specifications include:

2513 size (2500mm by 1300mm overall vacuum bed size) perfect for 2440 by 1220mm sheet size. (8*4 ft sheets)

3015 size (3000 by 1550 vacuum bed size) perfect for "10 by 5" sheets

ATC = Automatic Tool Change.

Features everything you need at a sensible price !

High torque movement provided by Powerful AC SERVOS on all axis. 64 bit encoded position for maximum accuracy. Auto tuned for stabilty. Gives fastest acceleration, highest torque at speed, fast movement speed between cuts etc.

UPGRADED to 24000 Rpm max rated high speed ATC spindle.

9kw cnc router spinle for the UK market

9kw spindle shown above. (3 phase required)

cnc router with automatic tool change


The best choice for nested sheet cutting. Cabinet work etc.

Retains press button on the spindle to release or replace the tool cone

Uses industry standard iso30 highly balanced tool cones. These normally are compatible with standard ER32 collets for 1-24mm tool shank diameters.

Fully automatic tool changing.

Allows full height working over half the bed with 6 tool rack positions

6-tool-atc-rack for automatic tool changing

6 tool rack shown above. Very fast tool change!

Shown below a lamello and festool joint test using the 6 tool changer.


Up to 10 tool rack can be supplied in this configuration on 2512 size machine

Looking for rear mounted tool rack instead of under the gantry? find it HERE


The you tube video below shows our 10 tool changer on test.

8000 to 24000 Rpm rated working spindle speed. (ceramic bearings) Quiet fan cooled.

4 pole motor for maximum mid range torque. 8000 to 18000 RPM mid range


6kw spindle above. Quiet FAN cooled (single phase or 3 phase ok)



12 tool changer on test on the new 1530 size machine. Fast & accurate tool changing.

Automatic up/down dust shoe

6 zone configuarable and fully sealed vacuum bed for maximum holding power on nested work. (superb for flat sheet processing)

Pre fitted . Aluminium t - slot clamping points for heavy duty clamping to the bed. (superb for irregular shape or heavy duty jig attatchment)

manual oiler for easy maintenance

Manual oiling for easy maintenance of the sliding components.

(automatic oilers often over oil and drip excess oil onto your expensive materials) One pump per day is all that is required!

precision rack drive system

Heavy duty hiwin 25mm rails coupled with high precision helical rack drive for accuracy and smoothness.

Mercury Routers are built strong to make use of the spindle power available.

Under gantry clearance of 280mm , enough for most tool and work combinations!


Can be supplied with your choice of vaccum pump (depending on power supply available etc.) Advice available !

Yes! A fully automatic tool change machine that can run from SINGLE PHASE without compromise on cut quality. (UK 230v) This machine is optimised for lowest power consumption. Requires 32 amp supply .If vacuum pumps are used. (vacuum pumps use the most electrical power)

Cool running electronics cabinet built into the machine frame gives minimum workshop space footprint!

PC based fully upgradable controller. (UCCNC fully upgradeable)

Features include:

Automatic tool length probing. Only required once when a new length tool is added to the system.

This machine is perfect for those that use many tools per job.

Set your job datum up once and every other tool will be at the perfect height run after run. This is a cabinet makers dream!

Drill, route ,shape, final cut out. All from the same program file.

Adding extra tools is a breeze, takes less than 30 seconds to add a new tool to the system ready to automatically probe its length which is then saved for future use.

Any tool number can be used from cad system- no need to keep messing around in cam.

Fast swap times tool to tool !

wireless mpg remote handset for easy cnc machine origin setup.

Wireless mpg for fastest set up times of your job at the machine.

uccnc hdmi controller inteface

Fully featured controller- but simple to use!

Fully 3D cutting capable. see gallery.


Please note: ATC spindle machines require a 100psi minimum constant clean dry compressed air supply.


1325 size (8 by 4) 3 phase/single phase with 6kw spindle. 6 tool £16995, 10 tools £17395 +vat

1530 size (10 by 5) 3 phase with 9kw atc spindle. 6 tool £19095, 10 tools £19495 12 tool £19695 +vat

Must be the best price for a fully featured A.T.C CNC router in the UK!

vacuum pumps etc are available as options . (depending on power available)

The new 10 by 5 (1530 size) on speed accuracy test.


These machines are way ahead of some of the "big name brands" !

Features loads of "other suppliers cannot do" functions including:

full rack auto probe, probe every tool ready for use with 1 button press.

Automatic air/ fan control, Stops the annoying fan and bypass air running constantly when idle!

Controlled safety halt and resume to work.

Undoubtedly the most user friendly setup interface.

Actual accurate cutting up to 40m/minute (not just fast rapid as most quote)

Reliable fully featured post processors ,

Tool numbering made simple. Any number allocated to any tool or changer position.



What does the customer need to prepare before delivery? CLICK HERE


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ATC (automatic tool changer) CNC routers can really speed up your work flow processing.

Fast tool to tool swap times allow much more complex jobs to be completed without compromise. Without atc, operators tend to program things like drill holes with the same end mills that are used for cutting which is not good practice, to save time on swapping tools manually.

10 tool automatic tool changer for cnc router10 tool fast follower cnc router


A tool changer allows things like extra drilling, chamfering of edges and inner features, finish pass processing for that much nicer edge which cuts down on manual clean up of parts once they leave the main cutting process.

Nicely nested cnc parts for a wardrobe.

The above photo shows nicely laid out nested board using multiple tools to produce a perfect cabinet.

As you can see our cnc wood router makes perfect cabinet manufacturer components.

A tool changer obviously costs more as there are a lot more components added. We build and add the tool changers from scratch here in the uk, so parts backup is always assured from stock.

happy mercury cnc customer

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constant power high frequency spindles:

Torque max range is 10000 to 18000 rpm. ( min rpm 5000. max rpm is 24000)

outside this range the average power consumed in the cut must be less than the available power on the spindle motor.

The power used is approximately proportional to the material removal rate, so the power curve places a fundamental limit on the removal rate. There is little/less power available at lower spindle speeds. While the instantaneous power may exceed the limit (for a short time the spindle acts like a flywheel), a cutting power greater than the available spindle power causes the spindle to stall. NC programmers should compare the programmed removal rate and power against the power curve when writing a program. Adjust chip load, feed speed or depth of cut to stay within the motor max torque curve .