Mercury REAR ATC

3 sizes to choose from !


Every router we sell has a full high speed AC SERVO DRIVE system. New cnc routers for sale in the UK.

From £16995 plus vat

fast cnc router with happy customer

Specifications include:

2512 size (2500mm by 1300mm bed size. 8 by 4)

3015 size (3050 by 1500mm bed size. 10 by 5)

3020 size (3000 by 2000mm bed size. )

Rear mounted ATC tool holder rack that slides into pickup tool position then retracts out of the way when automatic tool change is completed.

Automatic tool length probing for accurate tool to tool height repeatability. ( 0.01mm accuracy, probe once when a new tool is added or length is changed in the collet chuck)

Using UCCNC pc based controller its simple to set up and "re tool" ready for the next job.

This is the best option for those that need full height working area over the whole of the CNC machine bed. (280mm usable)


fast cnc router makes our customer smile

Rear mounted changer replaces the rear Blue cover plate.


ATC rear tool rack for cnc router. UK made

10/12 tool full width or 6/8 tool half width to allow long material pull through past the changer.

Rear mounted slide in ATC tool rack. (allows full cut movement around the working sheet without contacting the tool changer)

Mounted direct to frame lower than the vacuum bed to allow partial slide through of long jobs (stair strings etc)


Tool changer is designed , manufactured and supported in the UK.

Buffered stainless steel air cylinder, linear rails and full controller safety position sensing.



20mm tool holder bar for atc rack support

Up to 12 tools can be mounted for instant useage in this configuaration.

20mm thick tool holder bar. Solid and strong.

Rear tool changer shown with 10 tool holders.

Under gantry clearance of full height 300mm (without oil drip catch tray, 280mm with this fitted), enough for most tool and work combinations!

Can be supplied with a choice of vaccum pumps (depending on power supply available etc.) Advice available !

Can be supplied to run SINGLE PHASE. requires 32 amp supply.(with 6kw atc spindle)

This machine can be supplied with a choice of controller.

UCCNC CONTROL is our controller of choice for full features and ease of use!

Our cnc routers are great for solid and sheet woods (mdf, plywood), plastics (acrylics,pvc foams) Composite materials (dibond, compact laminates) and soft metals like aluminium and brass.






2512 size (2500 by 1300mm) 3 phase/single phase with 6kw spindle. 6 tool £16995, 10 tools £17395 +vat

3015 size (3050 *1500) 3 phase with 9kw atc spindle. 6 tool £19095, 10 tools £19495, 12 tool £19695 +vat

3020 size (3000 * 2000mm) 3 phase with 9kw atc spindle. 6 tool £21095, 10 tools £21495, 12 tool £21695 +vat

all available as 6Kw ATC spindle. (easily cuts 22mm mdf in 1 pass) single or 3 phase.

9Kw max , Hi torque,4 pole spindle is available as an option on 380v 3 phase models only.

Spindles are ceramic bearing. 4 pole for highest mid range torque. minimum 5000rpm. max 24000rpm.

Machine total "footprint" (smallest on the market saving valuable workshop space)

2512 size is only 3000mm by 2100mm travelling gantry

3015 size only 4020mm by 2245mm travelling gantry

3020 size overall size confirmed shortly. !


the best cnc router for cabinet manufacturing

Even on single phase supply the 6kw spindle is capable of fast full depth machining.

Why does our tool changer slide in and others are fixed? This allows us to design the machine with a much shorter "footprint" up to 600mm shorter than others. Why waste valuable workshop space?

Puwer guarding interface installed. Full perimeter fencing guarding with light barriers can be quoted for if required. Stops machine when the work zone "cage" is entered


What does the customer need to prepare before delivery? CLICK HERE


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