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Friendly and Helpful!

Problems with your CNC machine?

We have helped lots of customers out with control problems, mechanical issues etc

Control retrofits

Replacing unservicable or obsolete controls is our speciality

Mechanical issues?

We stock many spare parts and with a great mechanical know-how, We can supply and fit for you

Post Processors

Post processors for commonly used software can be re written so your machine does what you want!


WE offer training days on software or hardware. Along with specialised days for techniques for specific materials etc

See if we can help you

Contact us for a quick chat. No charge for basic information or service pricing quotes.


The video above shows a spindle tram being checked. Part of a pre delivery inspection.

camper conversion templates

Camper manufacturer? conversions? We offer training with sales of our machines.


vacuum pump repairs Becker vtlf225 vacuum pump servicing

Repairs to blower and rotary vane vacuum pumps.


Repairs to any make of cnc router

We can repair and service machines supplied by any UK " dealer ". Correct setup is a must for correct operation !

Not cutting square? jerky motion? losing position? calibration loss? CONTACT US.

Service Details

Send some info on your machine and what you would like it to do. A quick email listing issues is needed to give our best advice

Post processors for vectric products and fusion etc. Your post processor is the most important part of making your machine do what its supposed to!

Having problems? Tell us whats wrong. We have good experience on controls from NK, syntec,uccnc, mach,fanuc etc. Use the contact form or send a direct email

Training days can be booked. Control use or machine processing along with cad software training. We like to teach one to one for best results

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Our Specialist Services:

Service and cnc controller retrofit and repair pricing is quoted on an individual basis .

We have helped out customers with faults and connection issues on AXYZ, PACER, CENTRAL and MASTERCAM cnc routers.

We have retrofitted cnc controls on BIESSE, DENFORD,ORTZA, MORBIDELLI, SCM, AXYZ, PROFILE and HOLZER cnc routers.

We specialise in re writing the bad post processors supplied with OPUS, MANTECH,CKJ, FABERTEC, BOXFORD and other standard chinese suppliers of cnc routers to the UK market. This can save hours per day with wasted moves before your cnc routing job starts. Some also restrict you to just one fixture by badly written post processors supplied to customers.