Vectric Cad/ Cam software

The best choice software to get you going!

Simple CAD and CAM in 1 package.

vcarve pro sample preview

Vcarve Pro makes it simple!


VCarve Pro: This is a simple to use software for drawing parts with its well featured design interface. The drawing section is CAD (computer aided design)

Once your part is designed in the cad section, switch to the CAM section.

CAM (computer aided manufacturing)

The CAM section is where you tell the machine what you would like it to do.

For example: cut inside a line, outside a line or on a line.

The software can also import pictures, previous files and pre made models etc to work with.

vcarve pro sample imported image

A sample image imported into vcarve pro to vectorise.

vcarvepro sample bitmap

CAD processed and CAM preview. (shows what we should make on screen)

a carving produced with vcarve pro

Result carving in Oak. With Black paint and wiped off.

The images above just show a "fun project" created in a few minutes.

Vcarve Pro is very versatile. An all in 1 package to produce the GCODE for your CNC router.

Your CNC ROUTER understands G-Code commands ( basically a series of x, y and z co-ordinates it should move to) These are produced as a text file by post processing your CAM tool paths.

This file is then imported into the controller to run the "job".

Does this sound over whelming? Dont worry, it will all be explained on your training day!


Vcarve pro handles complex drawing and virtually all toolpath methods are supported to make your designs a reality. ( we have been using it for 15 years for virtually all our real world precision CNC cutting business)

With its simple cad section things like cabinets for campers, kitchens and bedroom furniture is easily drawn and manufactured.

cnc router for camper van manufacturing

we can offer a 1 to 1 training day on software and best machining strategy for the actual product you want to manufacture.